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Hi, I m Claire and I aim to provide high quality, great value for money information guides, turnkey affiliate websites, learn how to make money online resources, tools + more

   Learn How To Make Money Online is my ‘reserved‘ domain name and I currently have a great video training package available at a lower than retail price, because when I first started out with my working online journey, due to lack of spare cash I actually had after paying out rent, bills etc, wasn’t a lot to get me anywhere.

That said, information is all out there on the ‘www’ and I had and still do have to this day, the ambition and personal drive to make this ‘dream’ of mine happen, which is to sack off working for some other faceless Company and to work for myself, from home, online! I’ve managed to set up my own gift shop (or, my ‘baby’, because this was my first goal) without any knowledge of web design, coding and such like. I’m constantly learning and evolving to this day, to ensure that I am always moving forward with my ambition.

My overall goal to achieve, is that I will be pulling in an above average residual income Month after Month, so that I do not have to slog my guts for the ‘ungratefuls‘. I will do this by having various streams of online revenue and activities.

ps: I am also driven by necessity. I have discal degenerative disease, spondylotic something or other at the bottom of the spine, arthritic hips and I’m just 40 years of age. I suffer with chronic aching / pains / stiffness and immobility /inflammation / muscle spasms..not so much if I am able to manage myself/my body. I very much doubt I will make it to pension age of 68 out in the workplace!               Therefore, I need to prepare ahead for this before the choice for me to go out and do a job is taken away from me. Working online is the best choice for ANYONE, but in particular, for those with a low budget ~ not that this should put you off.. if you can read, follow instructions, have the willing to learn, then there are ways and means, especially with ‘online stuff’ ~ obstacles with regards to money barriers, are easier to find solutions too, even if it means going on a longer route to your next stop on the journey. However,  depending on your budget, if you have a bit more cash than the normal person wanting to make extra cash, then you can outsource work cheaply enough too.

I have tried and tested many online resources, tools, software programs and in the early days, affiliate marketing programs. Yet, it’s only this last few Months or so, I realised where I needed to direct my affiliate marketing efforts the most and what not to bother doing or whom to bother promoting.

I will never promote / sell a product or service unless I have absolute faith /knowledge /experience of/ using the item. I have certainly collated enough product knowledge and insights from genuine online entrepreneurs, as well as realised which sites are perhaps not worth bothering with. Thank you for viewing today and best wishes.

26 Alexandra Road
United Kingdom
PE25 3RE

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